2 Bedroom 1462 Sq.Ft. Penthouse

A well ventilated and spacious independent house is available at a price of Rs 3,00,00,000 with 262 square yards of area.

  • The house comes with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and 4 dedicated parking spots, making it ideal for a larger family.
  • The property is located in the prime location of adarsh nagar in jaipur, within a safe & secure neighborhood.
  • The house is a 10+ years old and has a single floor.

You can expect power backup and 24 x 7 security services for the apartment.

Description :

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Address : 2, Maruti Flats, 31, Haribhakti Colony Race Course Circle, Vadodara – 390007 Gujarat, India.
City : Vadodara
State : Gujarat
Price : 200
Email : baroda@vivro.net
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